NKD International – Protecting our heroes on the frontline

One of GSP Group’s companies, NKD International, is now an importer and supplier of surgical gowns to the UK at significant scale. NKD International’s ability to provide this much needed equipment to the NHS and was born out of the Covid crisis and the much-publicised shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the UK.

GSP Group operates primarily in the field of property and business investment. However, as a result of the Chairman’s forward thinking and ingenuity, the company has diversified into a number of new areas of enterprise such as business intelligence, fast food and health care. All of the activities of GSP’s companies and investments are underpinned by an ethical business policy with fair returns and a strong wish to put something back into the community.

The latest initiative to supply sterile and non-sterile surgical gowns to the NHS is driven by a genuine desire to support the NHS in their hour of need. The infrastructure required to support such a project requires considerable investment. However, in line with speculation in the press, the company believes that the need for gowns and masks and other items of PPE will continue for some time. It is highly likely that the government’s own pandemics risk assessment will require substantial stock piles in the future.

GSP Group’s Founder & Chairman, George Farha, has a long standing interest in health matters which has included: supporting scholarships to study prenatal genetics and fetal medicine; making substantial donations to St John Ambulance; funding paediatric facilities; and supporting the Royal College of Nursing. He is also a founding benefactor of the Prince of Wales Nursing Cadet Scheme. All of these activities provide evidence of his passion for improvements in health and his need to make the world a better place.

The protective gowns NKD International provides are manufactured in China by one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of surgical gowns in the world.

NKD International is able to provide sterile and non-sterile gowns, including:

  • Sterile single use standard gowns
  • Sterile single use standard ‘lite’ gowns
  • Sterile single use standard high-performance gowns
  • Non-sterile isolation gowns

Via a manufacturing partner, NKD International has all the necessary certifications and export licences to supply to the UK, and the gowns are certified to EN13975 2011 standard. To ensure that the quality standards are maintained, NKD engages a third party agency to conduct quality checks.

The NKD International team includes:

  • George Farha – Chairman
  • Mikey Todd – Director of Operations
  • Cynthia (Yue) Li – – Head of Business Development (Beijing)
  • Major David Rankin-Hunt – Non Executive Advisory Board Member
  • Sir David Hempleman-Adams – Advisor to the Chairman

NKD International is also currently exploring opportunities to produce PPE via partners in the UK, aiming to support the creation of sustainable employment and empowerment for local communities and assist economic regeneration during and after the COVID-19 crisis. This is known as Project Make.

Visit the NKD International website